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By Jubeliuksen3
#68669 Tank & Turret:
Move tank with arrowkeys and turret with mouse.
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By Jubeliuksen3
#70542 Soon rpg battle system example is out! All I "need" is ~10 subs to my youtube channel :lol:

Example includes:
-4 party members
-1 Basic attack
-1 magic attack (Celes only)
-Enemy basic/powerful attack
-Items (Cure, maybe "Phoenix down")

It will be not perfect for sure, but I hope it will give a good ideas etc. How to make a battle system :D
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By SuperVillain
#70745 thanks for posting these! i found your post through a youtube video for:
How To Make Player Attack And Shoot Projectiles

i downloaded the tutorial files but cant load into gdevelop 5? and i dont see on your list on this thread? is this something you can possibly show how to do in a new tutorial for gdevelop 5?

also if you are taking requests for tutorials i would love to see a tutorial on enemy shooting projectiles, player shooting projectiles, enemy movements (by the way your simple enemy ai character is so cool!), background parallax, title screens, and level title screens between levels.....ahhhh im so lost, haha.

anyway, thank you for the amazing tutorials! p