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By khaledali
#69927 Miko's Adventures ...

Trailer :

It's been a while since i posted an update on the game i was working on, That's because i was very busy with lots of things like college and of course the development of "Miko's Adventures" .
Also It is my first game ever so it will be free with donations open to support Coriander Games (My company's name) and just to support me create more games and more fun things .

For now i really hope you enjoy the trailer and screenshots .
I just hope you like what you see right here in "Miko's Adventures"

"Miko's Adventures" is coming very soon (It will be available first on Itcho)
Story, Gameplay and other details will be revealed when the game is out .

You can follow Coriander Games on :-
Itcho :
Facebook :
Youtube :

Huge thanks to Gdevelop Community (you helped me a lot to make this happen)

Victor Lavasseur
Gametemplates (Examples bundled with GDevelop)
And so many more ...

(You are all awesome) ;)
Thank you ...
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By khaledali
#70388 And finally "Miko's Adventures" is out now on (FREE)

Miko's Adventures page :

I'd love to hear your feedback, opinions and reviews on the game .
Thank you for your awesome support :slight_smile:

Trailer :
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By khaledali
#70407 That's very nice to hear, Thank you so much for your positive feedback :)
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By khaledali
#70485 New update is released :-

Miko's Adventures (Update 1.1.0) notes :-

You can play Miko's Adventures Update 1.1.0 (Free!) :

Trailer :

Miko's Adventures (Update 1.1.0) notes :-

- Fixed an issue where Miko would re-spawn at the beginning of the level in a wrong position .

- Fixed a bug where Miko would get stuck in a wall .

- Fixed a bug where crystals collected would not get you any medals .

- Fixed a small bug where some enemies would go through floors / walls .

- Fixed a bug where Miko would die repeatedly when re-spawned at the checkoint in level 6

- Fixed an issue where Bunnies would not get hurt if they where in collision with a certain enemy .

- Added a new checkpoint in level 5 and 6 .

- Added more instructions / tutorials in levels .

- Added some changes in the background .

How to install update :-

- Uninstall the game you have .

- Download the game again and install and everything will be ready .

Have fun !
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By khaledali
#70579 Everyone, Miko's Adventures is now available on :-

1- Linux

2- Mac OS

3- Windows

Miko's Adventures :

Hope you have a great time playing !
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By khaledali
#70630 NEW UPDATE (1.2.1)

Miko's Adventures :

I have noticed some Issues and bugs when testing the game today so I decided to fix them in a small update (Lots of important small fixes).

Miko’s Adventures update (1.2.1) notes:-

- Fixed an issue with the blue flying monsters in (level 3 – level 4) where they get stuck on walls.

- Fixed an issue in (level 7) where the final door is open when you start the level (it shouldn’t be open in the start).

- Moved some checkpoints to more suitable positions in (level 7)

- Fixed a lot of minor issues in (level 7)

- Fixed an issue where a sign shows the text behind other objects in the background, also fixed another sign shows the wrong text (Level 6)

- Fixed an issue in (level 5) where the red door appears in front of a hidden wall.

- Made small changes to some objects in the background.

- Moved some platforms in (level 1) to more suitable positions.

- More optimization to the game performance.

- Other small fixes.

Thanks a lot to anyone who noticed some of these issues.
And thank you so much for your amazing support so far :)

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By ddabrahim
- Fixed an issue with the blue flying monsters in (level 3 – level 4) where they get stuck on walls.

Thanks. Maybe I can complete Level 4 now. Those dam dragons always get stuck the wrong places :)