Post here if you encounter any bugs.
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By BWPanda
#70584 Hmm, possibly... I just tested this, and in your video when you click 'Choose this plan' and nothing happens, for me I get a popup asking for credit card details. I recognise this popup as being from Stripe ( and I seem to recall having my own issues with Stripe when I moved countries. So quite possibly that's why, but let's see if anyone else knows more about this before we jump to conclusions :)
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By ddabrahim
#70585 Just tried it and it works here but it took about a second or two to open for some reason.
The payment provider GDevelop is using (Stripe) accept these countries. ... tries.html

If it not that, then in GDevelop go to View -> Toggle Developer Tools -> In the developer tool click "Console" on the top and it should display an error message with red at the moment you click subscribe if there is any error. You can also filter to display errors only. Copy and paste your error message(s) from the console here if there is any.