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By steveang9999
#69193 I faced this issue when i put 4 frames in the animation. Even i did not click the loop option, when preview the the animation still go through frame 1 to frame 4 and stops at frame 4. Everytime it goes through each frame it decrease the ratio in half. Let say the 1st frame ratio is 1:1, the 2nd frame ratio is 0.5:0.5, the 3rd frame ratio is 0.25:0.25 Etc. so when i click the loop option, the animation will play from frame 1 to 4 with the image being reduced half each time, when going back to 1st frame again, it reset the ratio to 1:1.

*All image are the same size, same resolution.
*There are no event involving the sprite.
*Tried to change the origin/center point, not working

Anyone know what caused this?
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By Lizard-13
#69195 Are you sure the images have the same size?, if it isn't the problem you can send me the project (with resources) in a PM so I can debug it :)
By steveang9999
#69216 I think trying different method to export the image in photoshop solved the issue. Just some weird problems from photoshop