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By Syl
#68696 Hey there!

Startin with a stupid question, but can't find the answer... :o How, to, save, a, project...

Meanin, i can save it with ctrl/s to somewhere on my computer, wihtout knowin where exactly, but i'm unable to 'save as', because it's greyed and unavailable...
How please?
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By Jubeliuksen3
#68699 Hey!

When you start your project you can change the destination folder where to save your game project.
And did it not read in the Gdevelop window tab /banner where your game is located?
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By Lizard-13
#68704 Not yet, you'll have to move the entire project folder manually :|
:!: Moving projects can make some images to be broken in the game if the images were outside the project folder.