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By Eric Matyas
#67219 Hi Everyone,

I have a bunch of new free seamless images ready for everyone here:



Also, if you haven't already noticed, to streamline my site a bit I’ve eliminated the gigantic text block under the header image that showed all the pages on the site. Instead, links to all the pages on the site are on the right side of every page, listed under MUSIC, SOUND FX and IMAGES… (scroll down.) Simply click on the name of any page to navigate to that page. Then scroll down. The links appear at the right side of every page so that you can quickly navigate from any page to any other page on the site.

By Eric Matyas
#67969 Happy Tuesday Everyone,

A bunch of cool new seamless images are ready here:


Some of the TXR pages are getting a bit out of control so I'll be creating additional pages specifically for seamless images.

Btw more new music tracks are coming tomorrow.

And if anyone happens to need some custom music created, I'm doing that as well at very low cost...feel free to email me. (My email address is at the bottom of my homepage.)

Have a good week!
By Eric Matyas
#68219 Hey guys,

A bunch of nice seamless moss images are ready that might work as building blocks for ground cover:


I've also had requests for cartoon-style textures, mostly for 2D games and visual novels, so here's a start to that:

TXR - BRICK - Cartoon

TXR - ROCK/STONE - Cartoon

TXR - WOOD - Cartoon

More new music tracks will be ready Wednesday as I continue my quest to provide looping versions of every track on my site, so be sure to check my other thread.

Have a good week! :-)