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By khaledali
#67617 yeah i get what you are saying ... and this would be just too complicated .. ok so i will have like the main area .. and you can go through doors . when you finish you will be back to that main area to continue .. i think that's it ... i will try it out .. build something .. and see what's going to happen .. and will let you know if something comes up .. thank you so much for helping out ... i don't know if i told you . but your name will be in credits if i ever finish this game of course lol .. really thank you for the time you give to help people like me . seriously it means a lot .

going to test and tell you the results . maybe even post a small test to try it out .
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By ddabrahim
#67619 It does work if you pause the scene and go to the next and then use the Stop and go back to previous event at the second scene, but the second scene will be not paused. So you can not move back and forth between the scenes and I believe it is because only 1 scene can be paused by design. So when you pause the second scene and go back to the first scene, what is happening, because you paused the second scene, the first scene get deleted from memory and get loaded again that is why it start from the beginning when you try to pause both scenes when you switch. It seems to be not possible to pause both, only one at the time.

this would be just too complicated.

You mean saving and loading? It is not that complicated really and you do want to save the game at some point don't you? So you need to implement it anyway.
I can help you with the save/load system if you want. I mean for free but I'm going to need your project with all images so I can run it and test it. And the list of things you want to save and load.
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By khaledali
#67621 yeah i have save/load ready and working .. i mean if you have to save everything in a scene (you take / you kill) so when you get back it stays the same as you left it .
now i have only one paused scene i can back to .. and it's still awesome.
but if we found a way to make the player go back and forth .. just imagine what i can do in this game .. the level would feel like a small open world .. it will encourage you to explore . stuff like that ... but now all i have to do is just keep the player move forward .. always move forward and never come back to the place he was in because you know it's not paused/saved .. i can make him go back only to the paused scene .

if you can find a way for that to happen .. just omg it would be amazing
sorry if i sound super excited but i just love this .. and i'm ready to make something really amazing . but only if this is possible "BACK AND FORTH" . but i can still make it fun with what i have .

i don't know if you know a game called "Hollow knight" ?
i love this game .. if you take a closer look you'll see that the world is basically a punch of parts you go through ... but even in this game the scenes don't pause or save when you go back and forth . but that's for another reason which is they need you to collect coins for money so you can buy stuff so when you go back you find the same monsters . you kill them again to collect some more coins . BUT . the secrets you collect are saved when you go back and forth "that's what i'm trying to do"
but i know if they want to make the game save scenes when they go back and forth .. they would do it .

There has to be a way in GD5 .. i hope at least .
And if not .. i just hope they implement it very soon :(

Could you test it please on a new project with like 2 scenes . just maybe you'll find something at your side ?
i have been just testing like crazy yesterday but never did it .

Waiting for any hope for this .
Anyway the first working test of the game .. i will post it here so you can test it too and tell me what you think about the performance and stuff like that . maybe tonight or tomorrow .
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By Rikazu
#67622 It's simple, just save the info into a variable, then either export it into a json; then you read them once a scene starts therefore when you populate the gems / enemies it will base off that, than just a static way of rendering / map making, you can also check whether an entity is on the screen before showing them to reduce the lag.
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By ddabrahim
yeah i have save/load ready and working .. i mean if you have to save everything in a scene

This is the only way to do it. You do need to save everything. I mean what if the player quit the game? You do want to save everything don't you? If you have the save/load already in place just use that....

In case you would be making an open-world imagine that at level4 the player quit the game then tomorrow go back want to start where finished last time but then want to go back to level1 and expect everything to be as left. In an open-world at least. The only way to do this is through save everything permanently but GDevelop dos not do this for you automatically. You need to set this up manually using the Storage actions.

just save the info into a variable, then either export it into a json

Storage action can take care of all this and write everything in to web storage directly, no need json and variables for saving

There has to be a way in GD5

Storage action...Using the Storage action, Write everything in to web storage at the end of each scene or whenever you want and Read everything from web storage at the beginning... If you have the Save/Load already in place just use it....