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By mojoyup1528
Eric Matyas wrote:A bunch of new images are ready:

I hope some of them are helpful!

Though I use Inkscape for my images and animations, I wanted to tell you that your time and effort into this is appreciated hopefully by more than myself! Thank you for taking the time to do this and I think it will be very helpful to those who are just getting started, and even further on :)
By Eric Matyas
#66543 Hi everyone,

I shot and uploaded some new concrete images...wet, moldy ones...blech! Might be useful for old water-damaged buildings, statues, etc.

Brand new sound effects and music tracks are on their way as well...I'll be posting those on Thursday on my other thread. In the meantime, if you want daily updates as I create new assets, they are here:

By Eric Matyas
#66644 Happy Tuesday everyone,

I've uploaded a bunch of new corroded metal'll find them here:

TXR - Metal

I've also started a brand new page for abstract images. It's here:

TXR - Abstract

And stay tuned for new sound effects and music tracks coming on Thursday on my other thread.

In the meantime, have a good week!
By Eric Matyas
#66727 I hope you're all having a good June so far. I'm under the weather at the moment, but I managed to get some new images done:

New fantasy brick images are ready here:


I shot some dirty glass images that might come in handy for windows:


A new fantasy metal creation is here:


And more distressed fantasy paper images (for old world-style maps and things) are here:

By Eric Matyas
#66754 Finally getting over being sick...woo hoo!

New seamless concrete images are ready here:


Make sure to scroll down...they are down toward the bottom of the page.

Maybe useful for roads, buildings, etc.

Have a good week!
By Eric Matyas
#66786 Brand new seamless images are ready on the following pages:




Make sure to scroll'll find them toward the bottom of each page.

See you Thursday with more new music!