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By Wendigo
#65293 Thanks for the hint. At least on mobile multiple tabs shouldn't be an issue since the game runs in it's own web container. Think I'll combine more than one save condition but I haven't had time to investigate yet.

Today's progress:
- Fixed the menu slide in animation offset issue
- Added a pulsating icon that gets displayed when the menu is closed as a hint that the player needs to click at the bottom of the screen to open the menu
- New fishes spawn slightly hungry so the player can already feed them once after they got created
- The hunger value now grows faster (I accidentally forgot to calculate in 60fps so the hunger rate increased way to slowly). The fishes now need to be fed at least once per day

I will upload a new version once I have also fixed the saving freezes.
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By Lizard-13
#65294 For the save you can add a "Save" button too, also you could do the autosave less frequently but always warn the player the game is autosaving, so the people know there is an autosave, how often, and it will explain them why the game freezes every X seconds/minutes. Also they will be able to save manually before closing the game.
The autosave warning could be a simple animated sprite created two seconds before launch the save, and deleted after the save ends.
By Wendigo
#65330 Progress update:
  • Food will no longer spawn when moving the mouse out of the window
  • Fishes will no longer freeze in place when more than one fish is hunting for the same food particle
  • No more mini freezes when saving by storing the save file in memory and only saving it once (no noticeable freezes with 60 fishes (probably more))
  • Hunger now gets calculated when the tab / mobile game is sent to the background (before it was only calculated when the game was closed)
I will test the game a little bit more until I upload the new version cause I want it to run stable and bug free.
The next task will be adding a little more eye candy.
So stay tuned. :mrgreen:
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By MicosS
#65351 A tamagochi style game! This bring me back some nice memories.
It looks good, Wendigo. Just tried (firefox version) and it works just fine.

There's a freze (fish and food movement) every 2 or 3 secs but i think you are trying to fix that, i guess?
By Wendigo
#66724 New version 0.2.2 of Sakawochi released
Sorry it took a little longer but fortunately I didn't specify which weekend the update would come. :twisted:

If you have already played the former version the new one will probably feel like a completely different game.
So here are the main new features:
- New Android version
- Completely new comic style graphics
- Sounds and Music
- Brand new Asset store where you can buy fish and decorations for your aquarium
- The game is localized now (EN, DE, FR*)

* Unfortunately the French I learned at school has become quite rusty, so I had to let the computer translate for me. If you find something funny in the descriptions please let me know. (Also if you would like to contribute an additional language)

I have updated the download links in the opening post:
sakawochi_v0.2.2_screenshot.png (107.31 KiB) Viewed 133 times

(I'm especially interested in how the game runs on your Android devices since my phone refused to play any sounds.)