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By ddabrahim
What do you mean? Dynamic lighting is already part of GD. The fact that it's native-only doesn't change this.

I was referring to HTML5 platform. It doesn't have it, even a fake that only blend layers and sprites would be nice but not even a fake is possible. I know you don't care for HTML5 but it doesn't change that I do.

Also fluid simulation could be faked reasonably well with a lot of small circular Box2d rigid bodies

Yes but without blending the sprites it is going to be nothing but a pool of balls, GD currently does not support blending sprites.

As for networking, it's best to leave it to the devs, providing ability to call REST APIs on the web and create raw TCP/UDP sockets.

Online multiplayer games also need a server which is very expensive and big commitment. This is what PlayerIO provide along with an easy way to add in-game purchase which is pretty much essential these days in any online game.
But it does not exclude to also add features to create raw TCP/UDP sockets...

I see a contradiction here. "Offering paid version, but with more features" would essentially make free GD a demo,

Yes in a sense but there would be no time limit, no limitations on export, no limitation on number of events, number of sprites..etc There would be no limitations as such only certain features would be not included which is not necessarily downgrade it to be only a demo. Full source would be also available which is definitely something you can not see with any demos out there.

Again, you can't know whether patreon would work for GD or not until you'll try it.

Of course I don't. It up to 4ian to try but remember that donation was already an option since day 1. If anyone did want to donate could already do so but obviously it was not happening regularly so why Patreon would be different? Patreon is nothing but a solution to offer regular donation, but it is require regular donations which have been already possible with PayPal if anyone was interested, earlier versions of GD4 was even popped up a message time to time to ask for donation. Patreon on it own would change not much. All I'm saying, I don't personally expect success with donations but again, it up to 4ian.

Either it going to be donation, monthly subscription to online services or Pro license or the mix of all this, I be happy as long it allow GD to be developed in full time and see new features coming regularly.
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By vpvelev
#65107 Hi Florian,
I had started a project of GD4 and then continued it on GD5. There was one row in the project that I had deactivated, but in GD5 this row was not seen as deactivated. However, this row did not work. I have long been wondering what was going on until finally I realized I had deactivated it in GD4 :)
Please make it also in DG5 to see which rows are deactivated and can be activated again.
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By 4ian
I had started a project of GD4 and then continued it on GD5. There was one row in the project that I had deactivated, but in GD5 this row was not seen as deactivated. However, this row did not work. I have long been wondering what was going on until finally I realized I had deactivated it in GD4 :)

Oops, it's indeed not displayed in GD5. Added to my Todo list, thanks for reporting it! :)

About the business model discussion. There are good ideas in your discussions.
- I'm still not convinced by Patreon, as I think it needs a lot of supporters and not sure the community can support GD as long as we don't manage to make it more well-known and convert more new users to long term users (the software is tested by quite a bit of people).
To be convinced I would need real numbers : how many numbers of patreons a project can expect, how many $$ each person is giving in average, how many number do we need for getting enough money for GD. Without these numbers it's hard to decide.
- For now the software is staying free, I'm experimenting with online paid services that completes GD. I might add a "Made with GD" splashscreen at the beginning of HTML5 games, as it's not too obtrusive and a fair deal - and I think most of you are ok with displaying this anway :) Users with subscriptions could choose to deactivate for there games.
Thanks for your ideas about how the services/features that could be developed with this business model :)

The issue with the current online service (Android export) is that it's meant for users with games almost ready to be published. Construct and others paid software don't care if the users are making real games with the software, as they are already paid by the user - no matter if a game is made or not.
I might switch to services that are more useful during the game creation, or advanced features like the one you mentioned, so that more users would be interested by these services.
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By 4ian
#65110 By the way, beta 25 is available, with a window allowing you to set the icons for Android and iOS export and a new option in game settings to lock the orientation (on Android and iOS too)! :)
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By LucaTexas
#65112 Given the massive presence of games present it is difficult to reach a goal you however with your constant constancy you deserve more.

Even I patreon you discouraged as most of the content will unlock only for certain users and since you already work on other projects and you take care only of this risk of finding yourself without time to complete the whole.

My advice is not to spend money on a hosting service those can be saved maybe for other more important things it is difficult for a user to connect on a site to create games just to play is easier than there are users who create the I play directly on your site but once this is done, the site is not displayed because maybe they use different sites to play.

If we want to make a list of updated games we can use the wiki where users who develop a game feel involved.

In my opinion, the logo on the initial game screen like Made with Gdevelop is an excellent idea.

For me it is more than just that the logo is present.

Maybe the funds for hosting the site you could use to promote the Gdevelop page on facebook with that you can really reach many users.

Then maybe create a subscription system that is not too expensive to beat the competition with an attractive price.

Already now, however, it seems that the number of users on the forum using this product has increased.

We need to focus more on social networks that are the only way to become viral at least to personal opinion.

After these are only tips from a user (not expert)
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By ddabrahim
The issue with the current online service (Android export) is that it's meant for users with games almost ready to be published

Yes, this is what I head in mind too. People would subscribe only as long they need to export their project, definitely need additional features.

I'm experimenting with online paid services that completes GD

Unless you have an idea for a similar service, I'm really hope PlayerIO is among your experiments. I have just done my experiment which is ended with an online chat app made in GD (a very basic one):
I know it is not impressive, but I think it is demonstrate how easy and convenient to set this up with PlayerIO.
I'm sure many people would benefit from events to be able to talk to a PlayerIO server and even though the server code must be written in C# and compiled in to a dll in my opinion it would be possible to include a general purpose server code already compiled in to a dll to receive and broadcast position, scale, rotation..etc of selected objects and values of selected variables that people can upload to their PlayerIO game profile and done.
I was looking at many similar services but PlayerIO seems the most simple by far but still scaleable even for professional use. I plan to use it for my multiplayer game ideas I have but frankly even though it works with GD through the JS events, I'm not certain it would be an ideal way of doing it.
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By ddabrahim
#65159 I decided to take my experiment further and make real time multiplayer but I'm getting this error message when I try to use Object linking
TypeError: gdjs.evtTools.linkedObjects is undefined code0.js:541:3

I don't normally have a problem with object linking so the fact I'm using Javascript events might causing this error but I'm not sure how. I literally do nothing with objects and object linking in the JS events only talking with the PlayerIO server and I don't edit the code0.js file after export. So, whatever the problem is it maybe something with the way GD compiling this file but I'm not sure if it something I did or is there anything I can do to avoid this error....

This is the code0.js coming from GD:

I would appreciate any help.
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By 4ian
#65166 @ddabrahim Looks like a GD issue indeed. Can you send me your project?

Looks likethe linked objects extension was not included in your game.
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By ddabrahim
#65169 Oh, I have solved the problem. In order to get the multiplayer working I always copy and replace the index.html to include PlayerIO instead of keep editing after each time I export. The one I was copy did not have the extension included :twisted:

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By gnacca
#65184 Hello everybody, I wonder if anyone of you experienced a problem I encountered after version beta13 (from 16 or higher).

I tried to work with GD5 on my current game project.
In version b13 preview and web export ran smoothly and fluid, and android/ios builds ran smoothly as well.
From b16 version to actual b25, preview, web export and cordova/phonegap export (once built for android/ios) are tremendously laggy. Jerky.

I know that render engine from b13 has been updated and I wonder if something in my project has become incompatible with it.
To be sure I tried to run a very light version of it with only my character running in a semi-desert platform.
A little better but still a little laggy.

Did you encountered this problem?
Please, try if you can. Open one of your old projects (one a little complex) and open it with both gd4 and gd5 and take a look to the previews.
Thank you all.