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By Lizard-13
#64671 Check this commit: Fix Text Entry crash on HTML5
It just overwrites two functions as empty to avoid the crash, the error is already fixed for the next version. Add the same code to your exported game, the file to edit should be located at:
Code: Select allGame_Folder/Extensions/TextEntryObject/textentryruntimeobject.js
By AnimatedG
#64674 Hmmm...

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'zOrder' of undefined

at gdjs.LayerPixiRenderer.addRendererObject (layer-pixi-renderer.js:73)

I'm not sure but from the error message, it seems like you have an object 'pixi' and it's zorder is undefined hence it's looping and not starting
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By Lizard-13
#64679 Check the commit above, Text Entry objects have no renderable objects (they are invisible), but anyway GD tries to change a property ('zOrder', and then 'layer' IIRC) of this undefined render object ;)