You can make a short presentation of yourself if you want.
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By MythikAngel
#64614 Hello I'm MythikAngel. I'm an Dutch application developer in training. I like creating things, metal and nightcore music, (pc) gaming, anime artwork, and playing Pokémon GO.

I also like visual programming, and got ~1000 hours of experience in RPG Maker. But it's limited to just, RPGs... And that is where this awesome piece of software comes in. I only discovered it like a few days ago, and am still learning the basics, but I'm already in love with it. It's free and open-source, clean and clear UI, straightforward and easy to learn, and the tutorials are really easy to follow and detailed.

I think this software has got a huge lot of potential, and deserves way more attention. I'm curious to see how it develops further.

I hope to get a decent understanding on how the software exactly works, and am able to create something awesome with it.
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By Lizard-13
#64621 Welcome! :)
I've used RPG Maker too, I started learning programming for it (custom scripts), and then leave it because its restrictions :evil:
By Jiidev2008
#64628 Hi to you ! if I write you a post is that I created a game currently very seriously so here is the link to the video as it is partly a RPG I would like to make sure that it is possible to create a lot with a tablet or pc - I compose instrumental and soundtracks - Thank you! (To make known devjii2008)

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By LucaTexas
#64632 hello and welcome to the forum, you can find several examples on the wiki but do not forget also youtube for practical examples step by step.

What to say after this? ah we also have a server discord where you can chat directly with other users if you like.

Currently the latest version of gdevelop is 5.
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By Roelof1978
#64636 Hi there MythikAngel

First of all ...welcome to the forum. I totally agree with you. Gdevelop has so much potential ,and I believe with the help of the members we can make it No 1 ! Just out of curiosity do you understand the following line:
Welkom by Gdevelop ! Ek is bly om te sien dat ons nog n lid gekry het by ons forum.

I believe that Dutch and Afrikaans is almost the same .

Once again welcome ...cheers