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By Subz
#63551 any ideas in how to make an rpg got sprites know code but dont know how to make. PLS HELP. THX :D :D :? :? :? :?
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By Lizard-13
#63553 To start with it, here is a topic about adding teleporter events (to change scenes when e.g. walking into a house): (the example is close to the end).
It's pretty basic as the idea is only the teleporters, but there is a simple movement system too, animations for multiple directions, it uses a tilemap if I remember correctly.
To make it better, add collision masks / collision responses to the tiles, movement by tiles instead by pixels, add battles/enemies/NPCs, and add a experience/equipment system. Each one of these points is a new topic with tons of little things to discuss :evil:
By Subz
#63567 Thank you soo much, that helped.

SAME but cant be bothered to do homework :D :D