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By Wendigo
#61095 This should be a nice beginner project and quite easy to make.

- Create a playfield by placing bars (sprites) on the left and right side of the screen.
- When the ball collides with the left or right wall set the balls movementspeed on the x-axis to a negative value (speed = speed *-1) and repeat it for the left wall.

- Set the paddles x position to that of the mouse pointer for movement
- Limit the x-position so that it stays inside the game window (0 < paddle position < window width)
- If the ball collides with the paddle negate it's y-speed

- If a brick collides with the ball - destroy the brick and negate the balls movement speed

- Move it in a random direction
- If it hits an obstacle change the direction as described above
- If it's position is out of screen (there is a behaviour for that) the player lost