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Happy game jamming!
By Wendigo
#69254 I'm interested in participating, have been waiting for years for the next game jam. :mrgreen:

Maybe @4ian can announce the game jam on the official GD5 Itch.io page to get more participants.
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By ddabrahim
#69264 I'm not sure if 4ian should announce it until I make it official and create a page about it on itch.io.
Obviously, we need more participants and I don't want to make this official until I see enough interest, on the other hand it should be announced to get more attention... I guess I could launch this with a minimum number of submissions required. If there would be 20 entry but by the end only 3 people submit, it doesn't worth it.
Let wait a week or two and will see...

@Lizard-13. Yes, 2019 either this or the other. The problem with this is that the projects must be open-source under MIT, I'm sure it is a problem for many so will see but that would be the whole point of this Jam.
The other Jam is about simply having fun and see what can be done with GD without depending on any of the ready to use features like the platformer behavior but there is no prize....
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By erdo-dp
ddabrahim wrote:
I have created a new post for a different Jam based on your feedback: :)

That's cool and it's being drawing attention, I'll be looking forward to see the submitted projects.
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By ddabrahim
#69468 Due to lack of interest this jam is not happening on 01.01.19
I may going to launch it later in 2019 open to all engines but for now I drop the idea to launch it for GD only....