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Happy game jamming!
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By erdo
Mats wrote:When is this starting? ?

By the end of this week!

Lizard-13 wrote:I have exams in two weeks, but after that I would love to participate :D

Perfect, it will start by the end of this week but it will last a whole month.
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By legion-_of-doom
#49578 This sounds very good. I'd like to submit a game, but i'm out of ideas for now :( I hope this promotes Gdevelop :D
In case I think of something clever. Is this for native or HTML5 games?
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By 4ian
#49595 I think it's better to allow both platforms :)
Note that for a game for a game jam, HTML5 may be more suited as we could then display the result of the game jam and let people play to game quickly (just click on "Try the game" and the game starts in your browser), that a huge advantage! :)
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By legion-_of-doom
#49603 Oh alright cool. I'll have to see what I can come up with.
I take it we must use original game content?
I'm saying I must use things I make? (No street fighter, zelda, etc)
And are royalty free things allowed in our games?
Just wanted to be sure. Sometimes I use royalty free sounds and loops for music ^_^