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By steveang9999
#70249 Hey guys! Our new game "Eggventure: Savior of Galaxy" is up on the play store.
This game is made entirely with Gdevelop! and this is the first game we created!

The promo video and the game app link will be down here :)

Game Promo Video link:

Google Play Store: ... ture&hl=en
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By Tiago C
#70659 Image


Here is a demo of my current project :)

This games idea is supposed to have the feel of "heart of darkness" with the sneaking action of "metal gear solid"

Only the characters and traps are completed. I used a background I found on the internet just for testing purposes. I am currently building the spaceship interior where all the action is going to take place.

Still a really early project but I hope you like it