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By 4ian
#68603 Hi everyone,

We were discussing of making a "showreel" video showing a bunch of games made with GDevelop. Would be super useful for the website and the upcoming page :D
Please post as an answer in this thread any link to videos of your games or demos!
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By Jubeliuksen3
#68604 Great idea! I was making that kind of "showreel" of GDevelop games about month ago, but I was too lazy to finish it :D

Do you make this kind of video:
So if I send you 8 min video you edit and put best parts in the "showreel"?
Or do you put that 8 min video in there and "this is made using gdevelop" and then next to it is another video of another game "this is made using gdevelop"? :D
By blurymind
#68606 yes please, upload hd videos to youtube or other hosts of gd games or gd newide in use. Then share the links here. We will use them to create a cool montage
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By ddabrahim
#68607 I think instead of using video hosting sites, devs should use a file sharing platform or cloud storage to share the actual video files. It is because most video hosting sites do not allow to download videos and you want to edit those files in to one right?

Also, worth mentioning in case someone don't know how, Windows 10 got a a super easy to use screen recorder built-in: ... indows-10/
You can make a video recording of any window in few minutes on Windows 10 with this built-in tool.
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By Baylissimo
#68943 I'll get a video up as soon as I've got something looking decent. 8-)

I'm finding GDevelop so amazing. Most of the troubles I'm having with it are either easily fixed or in the pipeline to be fixed or just part of my stupidity.

Thanks for such an amazing piece of software. :D
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By erdo-dp
Darious wrote:@Erdo-dp
Dude... The link you've provided sends you to the "The top 100 games of all time" youtube video. Which one of those 100 is your game? Or is there something wrong with my browser?

Lizard-13 wrote:A giant list of BOARD games btw, so don't believe any of them was made with GD... or he created an extension to link GD and a 3D printer :lol:

Just kidding, surely a bad copy-paste :)

Yeah, I made those 100 games...

... well, maybe just 50 of them, or perhaps it was a slip... I don't remember.

This is the video I wanted to show. Just some environmental procedure of my current project:

MO'RU preview

Anyways, I'll upload something better soon, I have already done a cycle of of fruit popping-up and ripening, some annoying squirrels messing around and some parallax scrolling. I promise to NOT include the f"&#ing cursor the next time.