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By Wendigo
#65258 Greetings fellows,
Today I'd like to present you "Sakawochi" your personal aquarium that fits into you pocket. (Disclaimer: Even though it should be water prove, I take no warranty for wet trousers)
Sakawochi is a Tamagochi like game in which you have to take care of your fishes. Feed them at least once per day and they will grow. The game goes on when you close it and calculates what happened in the mean time when you start it again.

sakawochi_v0.2.2_screenshot.png (107.31 KiB) Viewed 5517 times

Please tell me if you find any bugs or if you have feature requests. :)

Known issues:
- The game doesn't run at all on Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, just a black screen is shown. (No idea why :? )
- No sound on my old Huawei Honor U8860 with Android 4.0.3 ICS (tried both mp3 and ogg without luck)

How to play:
On the first start you will see an empty fishtank. Click on the shop Icon in the upper right corner to enter the asset store. Click on the fish tab and buy 2 blowfish for 15 coins each.
Close the store via the red "x". You can see the stats of your fish in the aquarium by tabbing a fish. This opens the fish info box. Your new fish are hungry so tab the fishfood icon in the upper left corner to enter fishfood mode. While the icon is pulsating tab the screen to spawn fishfoot at the touch position. Tab it again to leave the mode again.
Your fish will get hungry every 6 hours no matter if the game is running or not so don't forget to feed them regularly. After one whole day without food they will die.
If you take good care of your fish they will grow and their sell price increases. You can sell them by hitting the button in the fish info box.
You can spend the earned coins in the asset store on decorations for your aquarium.

Get it on
Get it on Gamejolt
Get it on Ubuntu Touch - Open Store

Available in English, French and German
Platforms: Mobile (Android, Ubuntu Touch) and Desktop (Linux, OSX, Windows)
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By ddabrahim
#65260 The game doesn't seems to be doing anything :?
I open it in Firefox and I see a blue background and that's it. No GUI, No fish, nothing...

Am I missing something?

Also, I would recommend to share the game on
You can share games for all platforms. HTML to play in browser and Desktop, Mobile to download.
By Wendigo
#65261 You need to click near the bottom of the screen in order to open the menu (about 40pixels). I think I'll enable the menu by default in the next update.

Itch sounds like a good idea but in it's current state I don't think Sakawochi is fun enough to make it more public.
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By ddabrahim
#65264 Hmm, for some reason the game keep freezing for a moment every few seconds :?
Not sure what might be causing it.

Also when I add food the fishes just doesn't seem to care. It would be fun, and it might be you have already planned if a fish is hungry and we drop food in to the tank it would run for it. Fishes could also have different speed and stamina based on their age and life and may even kind if there will be different kind of fishes. I'm definitely want to see some Piranhas and feed them with other fishes :twisted:
By Wendigo
#65265 The fishes start with a hunger level of 0 so you need to wait until it reaches at least 25 (about a quarter of a day) until they get hungry. If they are hungry they will follow and eat fish food on sight.
The game gets saved automatically every 2 seconds maybe that is the mini freeze you encounter. How many fishes did you add? Haven't noticed any freezes on my end.
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By ddabrahim
#65266 If I have only few fish in the tank I don't notice it. But in case the number of fish causing it, you might want to save less frequently. Or how about save only if something is happened? The player added food, added a fish, a fish dead, grown..etc
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By ddabrahim
#65268 An other problem I noticed the GUI sometime coming up too high. It happens normally if I open immediately after it closed a few times.
By Wendigo
#65272 Saving each fish individually when something happens sounds like a good idea. Currently I'm saving them all at once.
Best thing would be if GDevelop offered an onClose event when the application requests quit. But I doubt it would be possible for browser based games.
I also read something about Web Workers which would allow to perform the saving in a separate thread. Don't know if it is possible with GDevelop since there are some limitations but I'll investigate it.
Don't know why the menu sometimes gets placed wrongly, I'll try to animate it with another method.
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By ddabrahim
Best thing would be if GDevelop offered an onClose event when the application requests quit. But I doubt it would be possible for browser based games.

There is something you can try actually. Add a Javascript event, and enter the following:

Code: Select allwindow.onbeforeunload = function(){
  //save before unload

The key is, when you close the browser, it does unload the content before close.
The above code is listening for the event if the browser is about to unload the content and will execute the function alert("Save"); before it does.
In theory, only need to replace alert("Save"); with the code that actually going to save everything and when the player close the browser the function should be executed to get the position, scale, angle of objects and values of variables and write the values in to web storage.
But it may not going to work for tabs.

An other thing you can also try is to save when the mouse button is released because when the pointer leave the canvas it is translated as mouse button released,. So when the player is about to close the window or the tab, the pointer must leave the canvas and in theory the action is going to be triggered.