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By kalel
#61266 Update: Test the latest dev demo here
Playing link is same: ... sword=test

Hi there,

I'll make this thread as a development blog for the upcoming turret defense type game. It doesn't have a name yet, and it's still far from finished at this point. The posts may not always completely reflect the chronological development order (e.g. some things are already in the works which are not displayed yet).

Here's a little screenshot of the first map in development:

The green value is just used for debugging at the moment, but in its place score will be displayed normally.

Here's a screenshot of the game over screen:

More to come later. :)
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By kalel
LuDuo wrote:Nice writting font ! Where did you found it ? :)

The font is a free font from Google fonts. I think it's called "Bangers", but not 100% entirely sure as I have downloaded a few.

lucasfernandez wrote:I like the graphics textures :P keep it up! :lol:

Thank you! More is coming, but right now most of the time is spent on getting the game logic working. After that, it should be somewhat easier to add levels, or even new Turrets or Enemies.
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By kalel
#61364 Here's a little animation of the first map gameplay so far (this might change a little or even a lot during development):


There are no sounds as of yet, so the only thing lost in the GIF are some colors, and frames
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By kalel
ddabrahim wrote:Did you make the turret sprites in Blender or in a paint tool? I like the shadow.

Yes, the turret sprites are in blender. It's the easiest way to get 360 frames (one for each angle). Theoretically we could do with less, but... this works and 2 degrees would at the very least look like a fairly poor accuracy at some distance.
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By kalel
#61757 Game has taken a bit of a downgrade in terms of dimensions in order to make it more viable. That is, loading times were too big for 360 images for each turret. To solve that, I went with a more complete 2D solution instead. It's still not fully implemented, so for now the entire turrets rotate (rather than just one part), and they might not be positioned properly.

There's no sound yet, and many things are yet to change (balance, costs, performance, graphics possibly, and etc). Some types of pointers are missing (e.g. if you can't afford a turret, it simply won't be shown atm in the shop rather than displaying a dim image with names and prices and In the end). It's supposed to be a small minigame rather than any kind of full-big title so it might not get too polished.

The last map will not teleport you to the next map, as there is not yet any next map.

By typing the password "test" you can try this demo:

It uses cocos2d, as this is what I plan to use to compile the game for Android, if fortunate enough that everything works well in the end. :)
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By ddabrahim
loading times were too big for 360 images. to solve that, I went with a more complete 2D solution instead.

I'm sorry to hear that, the turrets were looking really good :(
I had the same experience when I was developing a 2.5D isometric RPG game in GDevelop and I also tried to go for the smooth and detailed 3D look for characters. But for the exact same reason I had to drop the idea of making this game in GDevelop and realized for 3D look always best to go with a 3D or 2.5D engine that allow you to use animated 3D models.

But in your case you might don't need to drop the 3D look completely. Maybe you could make a static bottom part of the turrets 3D with a nice shadowing to look good, also everything that is static and make only moving and rotating parts flat 2D with some smart art design to not pop out that conspicuously...

Regarding the actual gameplay one thing that I would like to suggest is to pick the enemies that are closest to the end of the road or whatever need to be protected or closest to the turret and keep the turrets focusing on that while they can... For example one time an enemy just passed by a turret and the turret decided not to follow that tank any more and jumped on the next one was coming but the next one was actually more far off than the one just passed. I didn't like that. In case it is going to be important not to let any enemy pass or get to something, it is going to be important to make the turrets follow an enemy until the last moment... Actually, it could be a nice little touch if the player could decide also how turrets pick and follow enemies. It could be some deploy options to choose when you deploy the turrets.

Also you might need to consider to let the player start the wave whenever it ready with the turrets :)