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Miko's Adventures (My first game)

PostPosted: Wed 9 Jan 2019, 14:45
by khaledali
Miko's Adventures ...

Trailer :

It's been a while since i posted an update on the game i was working on, That's because i was very busy with lots of things like college and of course the development of "Miko's Adventures" .
Also It is my first game ever so it will be free with donations open to support Coriander Games (My company's name) and just to support me create more games and more fun things .

For now i really hope you enjoy the trailer and screenshots .
I just hope you like what you see right here in "Miko's Adventures"

"Miko's Adventures" is coming very soon (It will be available first on Itcho)
Story, Gameplay and other details will be revealed when the game is out .

You can follow Coriander Games on :-
Itcho :
Facebook :
Youtube :

Huge thanks to Gdevelop Community (you helped me a lot to make this happen)

Victor Lavasseur
Gametemplates (Examples bundled with GDevelop)
And so many more ...

(You are all awesome) ;)
Thank you ...