For anything not covered in the other forums.
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By ddabrahim
#67230 Big news everyone: now offer help in a more direct and personnal manner with making your games.
We also looking for freelance developers and artists to add to our contact list in case we need some help with some of the work we have.

As many of you requested and suggested, among other thing, we also offer to write documentations and tutorials for any "how to" questions you may have or we can also book a time that suit you and provide help over Skype or Messenger.

For more details visit:
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By ddabrahim
#67369 Fantastic news everyone!
We have setup a forum at

In case contact in email is too much trouble for you, especially if all you aiming for is FREE content, now you can leave your request also on the forum for any features, examples and templates that you would like us to do and we are going to take it in to consideration. In case you be using the forum and make requests, please also mention that if you want the example or template for GDevelop, it may be obvious reading here but it may be not going to be obvious reading at the forum as we do support multiple engines now, GDevelop is only 1 of them.

However, we are unable to provide technical support on the forum and in case you are posting your request on the forum we can not guarantee the work we do, if we do is going to 100% the way you want it and we also can not agree to any deadline.

Have a good day