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By Eric Matyas
#69172 Wow…I can’t believe we’re in December already….I feel like it was just summer! Well, okay then…to start off the month, new seamless images are ready for your projects on these pages:


TXR – BRICK – Cartoon


TXR – STUCCO – Cartoon

I’ll be working on more cartoon-style fabric textures this week…

…as well as starting a new page for cartoon-style fur images.

And more new music updates coming on Wednesday.

Have a good week!
By Eric Matyas
#69325 Hey guys,

As promised, new seamless images are ready here:

TXR – FABRIC - Cartoon

And I just opened a brand new page:

TXR – FUR – Cartoon

More new music is coming your way on Wednesday…mostly from my Fantasy pages.

See you then!