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By Kink
#61787 Great stuffs ! i just discovered the topic right now, and i have to congrat you !

I have few questions also :

1) Are your textures under licence ? and wich one ? (creative common ? commercial use?)

2) most of your textures are photographies, but it seems your are compositing some (sci-fi section), right ? I think the best is to provide it the more "neutral possible" on colors, especially blue/green teinted pics. I'm interested in some of your picks, but some are over contrasted/satured.

I'll a look on other stuffs of your website later. :)
By Eric Matyas
#61851 Thanks for checking out my work! For my images, all I ask for attribution is to be mentioned in your credits under "textures." And thanks for the tip about the colors...a lot of the textures I photograph are strong in color, but feel free to desaturate them as needed (or edit any way you like.) :-)

I've just uploaded about 70 new seamless metal textures. All are 2048X2048. Some have a "camo" look and might work well for military-themed objects. Others have intriguing patterns that might look cool in fantasy-based things. And some are just plain weird looking, but what the heck...give them a look. Hopefully some of them will be helpful.

(Scroll down...they live toward the bottom of the page.)

More are on the way. :-)
By Eric Matyas
#61885 Hi everyone,

I've uploaded about 20 additional seamless metal texture images to finish out the set from last week. Each is 2048X2048. For anyone who's interested, they all came from a retired DC-7 aircraft. I Hope some of them will be helpful.

(Scroll down...they live about half way down the page.)

Have a good weekend!
By Eric Matyas
#61911 Greetings!

I've uploaded about 150 new texture images, seamless and standard. As always, feel free to edit as needed. You'll find them here:

Paper textures (for maps, backgrounds, etc.) are on their way as well. Hopefully I'll have a brand new page full of them by next week. :-)
By Eric Matyas
#61994 I just opened a new page of paper textures that might be useful for maps, backgrounds and other things:

As always, feel free to edit as needed.

Next week I'll begin adding distressed paper textures which should (hopefully) look really cool.

Have a great weekend! :-)
By Eric Matyas
#62224 I've uploaded a bunch of cool new metal, stone and bark texture images, both seamless and standard.

They are here:

I hope some of them are helpful.

Btw, my Soundimage Facebook page has been giving me trouble, so I've started a personal one:

Have a good week! :-)
By Eric Matyas
#62397 I've just uploaded over 100 new stone and metal texture images, standard and seamless, that I took at a couple of archaeological sites over the weekend. I think a lot of the stone textures could work well for castles and other structures.

You'll find them here:

Have a good week! :-)