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By ddabrahim
#56108 Hi all!

3D2Sprite is a simple application I'm developing in AGK Basic for my own needs to make sprites from 3D models.
Of course there are some similar and better tools out there, but for Linux we got nothing apart from Blender but I need something more instant, easy and quick solution that also works on Linux.

It got very basic features and minimalist UI, it is not complete or polished by any means, there is plenty of rooms for improvements but it does the job what I needed for and I decided to share it in case someone else also need such a tool.

So what 3D2Sprite can do exactly?
You can load a 3D mesh in to 3D2Sprite along with it texture and animations, you can also set the color of ambient light and add some point lights, position them and finally capture the model along with animations on to images and use the images made this way as sprites to make a 2.5D, Isometric or 3D looking game inside a 2D engine such as GDevelop.

In case you are interested you can find more information and free download of the latest version here:

Any feedback is welcome :)