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By ddabrahim
#67612 Hi all!

I'm looking for a software that I can use to convert text to a human male and female voice and then save it to an audio file.

I was searching online and did find many converter. But they are not clear regarding that if I can use the audio files for commercial purposes or not.

I was also looking in to Text to Speech API but could not get it to work on Android and also some words I've been using was not done right by the API. So I'm looking in to the option to use audio files instead, but can't find any good solution that would save the voice in to an audio file and grant me permission to use it for commercial purposes.

Could anyone recommend any software that I can definitely use for commercial purposes?

I would appreciate any help.

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By ddabrahim
#67618 I did get this link on an other forum

It is not free, but really good and not too expensive. The best part we can listen to any text for free and need to pay only if we want to download and we are paying for each character. You get 700+ points for 6 euros which is worth 700+ character with a normal voice or 350+ with a premium voice. Once you know exactly what sort of voice you need which is free to try, it is plenty and very cheap in my opinion. Other services charge you a monthly fee even to just listen to a text.

Also, remember for the money the sound files can be used for commercial purposes, free services out there don't give you permission to use the sound files for commercial purposes.
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By ddabrahim
#67637 Here is an other one that is free called Balabolka:

It is free and works offline, but windows only and at the moment I'm not sure if the actual voices is ok to use for commercial purposes. The software is using the sstem voices on Windows which is free to use in Windows apps, but in case you would be using them say in an Android app, not sure if that would be ok.
But it is definably very useful for free and Windows only games and for making placeholders.
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By Kink
#67643 Nice tools :)

Personaly i use some free vst vocoders and vst various effect on my own voice.
By MobileNoob
#67649 I used STATE for a few tracks that I made.
There was a project called STATE Forever to offer legacy support,
but I can't find it on the interweb.

It got bought and sold a few times and is no longer a viable option.

We even made a video clip for Magos Hip Hop Song.
(Worth reading the Ultimate Dad Joke comment for the backstory)


Older Apple operating systems also had this built in. ... to-speech/
I used to use it with VoiceBox to export as an aiff.
hehe that last article is from 2002.
Not sure if it is in current macos though.

There are also some vst's that you can plug into audio software.

Adobe have of course been working on this as well. ... eeech.html

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By ddabrahim
I used STATE for a few tracks that I made.

Thanks but I need something that still exist today as I can't travel back in time (I wish I could, could fix so many things....)

Older Apple operating systems also had this built in.

My problem with using system voices either on Mac or Windows is that I'm afraid of that in case I'm using the voice on a different system it may go against the Terms of Use. But thanks for mentioning.

i use some free vst vocoders and vst various effect on my own voice.

I thought of this but I don't have a good mic, so the quality would be trash and also my accent is not so great either, it a mix of English, Welsh, American and Australian :twisted:
With a Text of Voice converter, I can choose the accent and even the gender and in some case even the age :)