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By MattLB
#62294 It appears that the 'Separate two objects' action doesn't completely separate the two colliding objects so that events like
Code: Select allx key is pressed                                          |                   Apply to PLAYER a force of 150 p/s on X axis
PLAYER is [not] in collision with WALL                    |

result in the player getting 'stuck' to the wall after colliding with it.

Would it be possible to add the option to specify the distance (in pixels) to separate the two objects by? This would then allow a 'bounce' to be done quite easily.
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By Lizard-13
#62301 I can confirm it, no idea how to workaround (not easy at least, you could use frames with different collision mask sizes, set the frame with bigger mask to separate and the frame with smaller mask to check collision)...