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By ddabrahim
Really then answer me this, how come game maker studio is capable of PlayStation and Nintendo Switch and Xbox?

They have the SDK integrated which is legally not possible with GD and you can buy it to export but in order to run the game you export. you need to pay developer license fees and you need to buy a developer console from Sony and Nintendo, I believe the XBOX can be turned in to developer mode once you have a developer account or may not even that required. So the XBOX may be less expensive but the PS and the Nintendo going to cost you thousands of dollars only to run the game you made, and to publish the game so anyone can run it going to cost even more. That is all I'm saying.

If you want to play with the big boys you gonna have to get deep and dirty in the development business

The "big boys" are spending millions on their games, honestly if you want to use tools like GD, I doubt you got the money. Maybe you have a good game idea and I understand you may want to publish to consoles, but again, to do that it would cost thousands at least in case you got the money, the dedication and the idea I doubt you would be using GD. But in case you make a really good game maybe you can find a publisher to get your game ported over to the consoles it would be not done by you, but it would be still the game you made except normally the publisher take the control over and the game released on the console may be nothing like the game you made depends on what sort of contract you make...

The bottom line is, the game you export from GMS or any other tool, won't run on anything other then a development system which cost a lot of money on it own to get, in order to let anyone run it, you need to publish the game but I don't know anything about that part but definitely not that simple as pressing a button in GMS to export a signed copy or something. Have you ever seen a PS, XBOX and Nintendo game that you can download from 3rd party websites and run on the PS, XBOX and Nintendo without hacking? I haven't.

So all I can say is that if you already know that you want to develop games for the consoles your best options right now is Unity, UDK and GameMakerStudio, don't expect GD going to receive this features over night.

So what you’re doing is nice yes, but let’s make the freemium like a trial of the full program

It is something the current community would go against. The trouble is, 90% of people are using GD simply because it is free, in case it would be not free most people would go with Construct in my opinion. It is very unfortunate the two product is so similar at least from the outside. So turn it in to a paid product by tomorrow would be suicide. We need features first that would be not available in the free version but 4ian need to be interested to make a paid version in the first place.

In case you got the money to publish a game on the consoles, may be you can hire 4ian to implement the SDK for you!
You can find his contact info on the bottom of the main page.
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By ddabrahim
They have the SDK integrated which is legally not possible with GD

I would like to correct my statement. I have learned only recently, It would be possible to add console support but it cant be public of course. If 4ian would decide to add PS, Nintendo or Xbox support in the future, 4ian could work with Sony, MS and Nintendo to make GD available through their developer channel. This is actually how MonoGame is available for consoles. Once you are a registered developer you can request the MonoGame SDK for free, through the developer channel at Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. It is free and open-source but available only to registered developers through the developer channel and can not be shared and accessed outside the developer program even though it free and open-source.

I don't know if it open to any development tool out there or the console giants decide if they want to make something available to their developers through the developer channel or not, I don't know. But MonoGame is the evidence, it is totally possible even for a free and open-source engine to add support for game consoles.
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By Missingno
#67747 I believe there are 2 features I would like to see the most in GDevelop. One is multiplayer support, the second is an action that has to do with screen resolution.

Multiplayer support seems to be on Trello's roadmap already, although with little support (will make an account there just to bump it :D ). One detail of multiplayer that I think is important is that it should be able to make the owner of the game easily create servers and easily access servers as well. Programs like the Internet Doom Explorer could be taken as a basis. Anybody can make and join servers there. Leave the ping to the individual users. This way multiplayer is free for everyone.

Now I'll try to explain what kind of action I would like to see in GDevelop regarding screen resolution:

I'm using GDevelop to create a game for PC (although I wish I could make games for consoles as well, but ddabrahim has already laid the difficulties with that). PC users have a wide array of screen resolutions, so even after finding the most common resolution (1920x1080, aspect ratio of 16:9), there are still people that could have the experience ruined due to the game looking too small. For this reason I would like to propose and action that could be called "Optimize Fullscreen".

This action would get the largest dimension possible (either width or height), and enlarge it to this maximum dimension and keep aspect ratio at the same time. This way, with only a single action, developers could be certain their games would be displayed at the largest possible size on the many different screens, for PC and even Android.