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By jad217
#60696 Hey folks,

I'm making (trying to make) a 2D runner where the player continues moving right, in which the levels are not randomly generated, but rather are pre-designed. In other words, it is like an infinite runner, but it has a defined end point, and the level isn't randomly generated.

How the heck do I do this? I'm switching from Game Maker (because Open Source) and I'm struggling a bit.

TIA! :)
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By ddabrahim
the player continues moving right

Exactly :twisted:
Just move the player object continuously to the right and make the camera center on the player object. That's it.

In case you need help how to make something move and how to center the camera on object, I suggest to start with the beginner tutorials:
By jad217
#60700 To anyone who's intereted in the answer to this:

To have the player move continuously right, use the condition: Check if x is visible. Set the object to the player character. Have the action be: Add to x a force. Make object player again, and the force whatever you'd like.

To make the camera follow your player, yes, as suggested, just: Use the center camer on action, and select your character as the object.
By jad217
pleox wrote:It would be easier to use platformer behavior. U just uncheck default controls than add action to simulate right key pressed.

True, but I wanted it to be a constant speed in px per sec, so I did it this way.
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By Tadbot88
#60853 You can add a new event with no condition and a platformer behavior, and just add a force on the character to make it go right. And to have a definite end point, like say, some 80 kilometers or something, just add an invisible sprite. Check if the player collides with the sprite, and just direct him/her to a new scene.
P.S. I'm a noobie :P