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By Lizard-13
#60648 The event 5 check the collision between Bullet and Enemy, and delete the objects, so the event 10 will never launch, because there is no Bullet in collision with Enemy (you have already deleted them) :)
To fix it, take the actions to add score and update the score text, and move them to the event 5, then you can delete the event 10.

Also, it doesn't matter since you'll delete the event 10, but note that this event (10) will almonst never add score even if you don't delete the objects before, why?:
This event is launched every 0.1 seconds and the timer is reseted, so it works like an intermitent signal, it runs the actions and sub-event just one time every 0.1 seconds. Then the sub-events run, and check if a Bullet collides with an Enemy, then add score. It means that you'll get score if and only if in the same frame, the timer reaches 0.1 seconds and a Bullet collides with an Enemy, other Bullet-Enemy collisions with the timer < 0.1 seconds will be ignored...