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By deevei
#70292 Hi good morning guys,
I am working on a project,
but I am having a little issue when exporting my games to Android platform,
When running the APK on a Samsung S5 the game is really laggy and no sound, but when installed on a Samsung S7 it runs smoothly,
I wanted to ask if you have the software as the Gdevelop Wiki states for Export native games to Android ... oid_export
or that list is already deprecated.

Thank you
By deevei
#70642 Hi, thank you for your answer,
Already try that method, but same result,
If it works for you, then it has to be something that I did wrong in all my software configurations.
I also tried only playing sound app. but for 4.4.2 played nothing

I am going to search and install-uninstall software again to try to find what is wrong.

If works and detect the problem, I'll post, it coul help someone else having this issue.
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By xisco
#70654 hi
kind of worked for me. It compiles apk files with cordova but when added admob there is something wrong, so finally I use the 2 compilations per day that GDevelop gives for free. :(
Also las day tried phonegap and let you compile only 1 app, but unlimited times. So if you are working only in one porject it is a valid option