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By Game Developer
#69072 Hmm... :?
I think I got the problem! :) When I preview the game in the editor, it works great and saves & loads the high score easily but when I publish it, it doesn't save the file... I went to the project folder and found the file which is saved by the editor and moved it to the Compiled Game folder and what? Do you know...
It Loaded The File! :lol: And the it works great. It saves the file properly.
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But when I press the "Save" button, the game crashes.
This is the only problem now!
Here's the GD file by which I am having the problem:
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Please help me! I need your support!
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By Lizard-13
#69076 It works fine in preview and compiled game (without copying the file, GD creates it automatically), if you use a filename with an extension as I said before, for example .txt ;)
Here is the project fixed, it was saved with GD4 so maybe you won't be able to open it, but saved as .json too so you can open it in GD5 (also working fine, btw in GD5 the file doesn't need an extension):
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