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By tff
#68591 I try to understand what's going on about admob on Gdevelop 5 .
Maybe i'm wrong. As i understand :

1/ Admob doesn't work on Gdevelop 5. I followed the videos on youtube and the topics in the forum.

2/ On
"For now you need to export through Cordova manually to add the admob plugin".
I try 'cordova plugin add' -> npm ERR! 404 Not found :
By the way, all build fail with "cordova build android --debug" -> Failed to execute aapt.
A blank project cordova build successfully.

3/ Question : Admob works on Gdevelop 4 ?
If yes -> how to import a project from Gdevelop 5 to Gdevelop 4 ?

4/ If it's not possible to import on Gdevelop4, and admob doesn't work on Gdevelop 5 , how to install and configure the admob free plugin on a project on Gdevelop5 ?

I try to be factual as i can do. I note there's some topics about admob but it's confused to understand if it's on G4 or G5.
I ruined a couple of days and hope to find constructively answers.

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By Lizard-13
#68592 AdMob is being rewritten:

It was made to work even with the online build service (so no need to install Cordova in your PC at all), at the end there's a comment with a test apk so you can check it out :)
By Darious
#69266 Hey Bouh!
What did you do with AdMob to work? I don't know why but my AdMob doesn't show up at all. It doesn't matter if it's banner add or interstitial. When I start the game it shows me the game like there was no adds added :/. BTW I'm using GDevelop 5 beta build 57
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By Lizard-13
#69274 I think there could be a misunderstood here, as 4ian never removed the old AdMob extension. To make the new extension to work you don't need special objects, just use the actions to load/show ads. Check the admob example to see how to use it :)

Also, make sure to put a value in the admob application ID in the project settings, if it's a test use any string (as "test" in the admob example), or your real application id for releases. If you leave it blank the admob plugin won't be installed.