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By Lore
#68556 Hi!

I've a trouble sending gdevelop´s variable to php page. Actually the problem is not in the php page, it´s before. I have declared the variable PlayerName as a general variable.
PlayerName = "James". Then, I send the variable 'gname' to the php page.

But when I want to see the value of gname once it has gone to the php page, in the text field SendedName I see that gname = 0.

Send "POST request to "http://localhost/" "/insert_data_BBDD.php" with body: "&gname="+GlobalVariableString(PlayerName)
Do = "gname =" +GlobalVariableString(&gname) to the text SendedName

I don´t know what I'm doing wrong. If in Gdevelop gname = 0, when the variable is sent to the PHP page, it will also be 0 and it is an error.

Can someone help me?