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By Meerecat
#68034 Good Evening

I'm very new (about an hour) to GDevelop, coming from a Scratch background.

I've been playing around with the Space SHooter sample built into the offline editor. Can somebody explain to me how the game knows how many enemies to spawn. It reaches a certain point and they all stop leaving just a scrolling background. But I can't work out why.

Many Thanks

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By ddabrahim
#68035 The enemies are not created during runtime. The enemies added manually to the scene in the editor.
If you move to the right in the editor, you can see them all.
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By ddabrahim
#68037 Of course there is a way to create the enemies every X second during runtime and repeat it X number of times but it is not the way the sample is designed.

You need to delete the enemies from the editor and add this functionality your self.
Take a look at my Candry Dragon game to get an idea how to do something like this: