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By khaledali
#67642 first i don't know what is cocos2d-js
i don't know how to install it
so i searched and found out i need a lot of other stuff that i don't know anything about
ndk ? sdk ? ant ? and stuff like that .
i'm sorry . i have no knowledge about coding or things like that :(
that's why i really like gdevelop .

so why do i need to export with this cocos2d thing ? because i heard that it gives your android application performance just like it's running on native .
I finished the main stuff in my game .. i even finished level 1 ... but the performance is ok on my device . so bad on other devices i tested on .... i know i have talked a lot about that .. but if there is an easy way to export with this cocos .

i just don't know what to do anymore .. and i just can't leave something i worked on for 4 months because of performance issue .. just doesn't feel right :(

Today i played games from google play .. some with heavy graphics .. big maps and lots of animations .but very smooth. i don't know what's wrong with mine .. like i don't even have 1/10 of the work in other games .
yet the performance is just "garbage" .
maybe it's gdevelop ... i have no idea anymore .

anyway .. How to export with cocos ? ..... the easiest way possible .

and thanks always for helping out .