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By khaledali
#67632 If i have a scene with 1000 objects . And it's so slow.
And i have another with just 10 objects .

Would the scene with 1000 objects .. affect the scene with 10 objects in anyway "performance and anything"

Also if i have that scene with 1000 objects paused and started the one with 10 objects .
Same question ...

Just curious ...
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By ddabrahim
#67634 To my knowledge, the actual scenes should have no effect on each other. Once you change the scene, the previous scene get completely wiped from memory except if you pause the scene. If you pause the scene and go to the next one, the previous scene remain in memory and can have some effect on the next one in that regard but otherwise scenes should have no effect on each other once you change the scene. Someone may correct me if I'm wrong on this one.