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By Rikazu
#67586 Hmm as far as i know it is automatically handled on GD5. May I ask why btw? is the game running slow on your end or something? or wanna limit it to a certain frame rate like how you could on GD4? If that is so maybe base off your animation speed and time scale / game speed to the desirec computation amount.
By Rikazu
#67588 You run your game on android right? Since the way how GD handle android and other platforms is that it runs the web build to it and uses a packer like cordova (android) to open it / run it; so it's a hybrid and not a native one so it will never get the whole potential of the device, probably can do is to lessen the objects on the current scene and make them appear on the other; but still depends; Have you tried checking stuff on the performance profiler? I haven't had that much lag when testing mine, and it has 5k+ objects.
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By khaledali
#67590 Rikazu On Android yeah
I'm sorry i don't get what you're saying here ? What do you mean and how to do it ?

(probably can do is to lessen the objects on the current scene and make them appear on the other)

It's not lag but you can say when the player moves .. the game feels like it's loading the objects in the level .. once loaded . It stays smooth . So how to make it load all the objects once the game starts ? How to keep it smooth ?

Oh btw . How to check the performance ? I'm sorry I haven't checked that before so i don't know how .
By Rikazu
#67591 Objects on a scene are automatically loaded to the memory, once a scene starts. So that may not be the case, you need to lessen the objects in a scene.

You can also try the "always load in memory" option if you still think of that scenario, Game Settings > Resources > [Select the image / resource then tick the Always loaded in memory option]

Just run debug, don't you even do that when making a game?
Debug > Performance Profiler
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By khaledali
#67593 Rikazu I have done that "always loaded in memory" and the performace got much better but not the best you know ?
The micro lag/stutter is so annoying at points
It's my first game so yeah i heard about the debug but never actually used it or look what it's inside .. i'll check it out once i get back home and understand it better .

Btw i have so many objects .. could reach like 300 or more in one scene .. could that be it ? And if so .. is there a way to keep that amount of objects in the scene without losing performance ?
Most pictures are 32*32
Some are 16*16

Also How can i make a loading screen ?

Thanks for helping ...
By Rikazu
#67594 yeah it would be nice if you could divide them up to other scenes, since this is your first game it would be a good practice (in my opinion). but I have tested having 2k+ object in a scene and it doesn't have much of a performance problem, ALTHOUGH that was on desktop, since the one i am talking about, on mobile is that; the way GD handles it is a hybrid approach, means that it uses the webview / third part handlers like cordova, phonegap and etc to handle it, it will not be as good as the native approach for it's performance. You can handle / make a loading screen by having it at the beginning of a scene that you wanted to show it before.
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By khaledali
#67595 Rikazu Yup on desktop it's perfect no matter how high quality the pics used in the project i have tested it too .. but in android .. i think it's a lot weaker .
Ok so my game has levels .. each level is big .
How do you think i can devide a single level into parts ? Like different cameras maybe.
It has to be in one scene though .