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By araujo921
4ian wrote:How can I contribute?

If you know a bit of Javascript or want to learn, you can help to design components: ... components

Hey, I know a bit of Java and pure JavaScript..... How can I help you....????
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By 4ian
#63074 The best would be to start with simple but useful additions. Feel free to read the README, install the newIDE and start modifying a component. For example, a link to the forum could be added on the "StartPage" component :)
By araujo921
#63081 I'm follow the instructions here... but after run npm start... It's showing....

Line 23: '_onChangeTab' is not defined no-undef

Search for the keywords to learn more about each error.

Before changing any file... is it a bug... or different environments, maybe eslint...???
By araujo921
#63116 I used a new nodejs environment... totally clean... and Bang... It's working... My previous environment is set in strict mode... I suspect it to be it.

To begin ... I'll add a link on the StartPage. But then ... I need you to tell me what you want.... :-)
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By 4ian
#63117 Sure, let me know once you have a Pull Request on github ready or if you need help :)
After that, I think I can find other things to do :) The most important thing will be to have soon Help links that redirect to wiki pages :)
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By 4ian
#63175 A new beta version is available!

You can try the new event editor and behaviors are now editable for objects. The event editor is still basic and missing features like events folding or better autocompletion of parameters!

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 01.12.18.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 01.12.18.png (544.13 KiB) Viewed 10510 times

Try it
Windows : ... -beta5.exe
macOS : ... -beta5.dmg
Linux : ... ta5.tar.gz

Try it online
I've published a better version online too :
This is a proof-of-concept to show how GDevelop 5 can run in a browser. This is still limited to a demo game but that's a good start :)
The main objective is still to have a fully functional desktop version.
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By ddabrahim
#63180 In the online version the preview doesn't work, and I can not drag and move the view in the scene editor with the mouse not even in the offline version. I don't know if it normal or not.
In Chrome, the scene doesn't load properly, lot of objects are missing.
I think compatibility with Chrome (over Firefox and other browsers) need to be priority. Personally, I'm looking forward to use GDevelop (or even an offline version with optional google drive support of GDevApp) in Chrome OS :)

Would be nice if I could use right mouse button in the object and project properties tab to get the options just to make it look and feel more traditional on PC. Nothing wrong with the option button next to each item and on a touch device and Mac it is obviously preferred, but on a PC personally I would prefer to use right click to get options.

Finally, in the event editor I don't like this flat design with a single background color in case it is what you going for intentionally. I find it hard to read and also hurt my eyes.
I think some border and shadow around each event block and around options in the list could help on that and would also make it look better. Or at least if the background and each event block would appear in different color with some gap or something in case you really want to go for a flat design.

It would be all, I hope it was not too tiresome to read all my complains :P