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By vpvelev
#64773 Thank you very much, 4ian!
Android 6.0 has a sound already, and Android 4.4.2 has no sound yet. Perhaps it is very old. I have to find and try another phone with Android 4.4.2 to check if the problem is in the phone.
So I keep doing the project of the game I started. :D


P.S. I'm sorry that you lost time with my problems!
GDevelop 5 becomes very good!
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By Lizard-13
#64774 The Godot game has sound in your Android 4.4.2 phone using the same sound file?, from what I've seen, Godot developers try to keep compatibility with old (sometimes very old, which isn't bad) hardware and software :/
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By ddabrahim
#64786 @4ian.

I tried to upload a project to GD hosting but it lost the music and some sprites somewhere between upload and compile:
You can try it here:

Also, every time I close GD5, it try to install a new version out of nowhere. Fortunately my AV stop it. Personally.
When GD5 is out of beta I can see this feature going to be important to help people keep up to date but for now, while it in beta I would prefer to disable this "feature" and I want to install a new version of GD5 only if it got a feature or fix that I really need. Just to avoid any project braking bugs that would corrupt the project :P Just an idea :oops:

i did some search and seems like lot of people have this problem with Cordova unfortunately I did not find any solution for WebGL games :(
Regardless what the statistics saying, most devices sold today running Android 6 and 7. Devices running Android 4 are mostly TV boxes, I don't think many people game on a TV box as most game simply don't run or not compatible with the keyboard and remote of these boxes. Phones and tables running Android 4 are mostly cheap Chinese trash or very old devices with low memory and slow cpu, I don't think many people would game on them either. Well, I don't.
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By 4ian
#64811 @ddabrahim Fixed in beta 22! Large files weren't uploading properly. Please update to beta 22 as previous version won't upload properly.

For old android versions it's unlikely that I'll be able to fix this indeed. As Android 4 devices are getting older, new more performant Android phones are coming with Android 5+, and Android 5/6/7 have powerful JS + WebView engines (based on Chrome) that support latest HTML5 features.
On the contrary, Android 4 phones have limited HTML5 support (for example, no proper WebAudio), it's difficult to workaround these issues or even get performant games on it!
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By ddabrahim
@ddabrahim Fixed in beta 22! Large files weren't uploading properly. Please update to beta 22 as previous version won't upload properly.

I have beta22 tried it again but unfortunately I get gdjs is undefined this time :( ... 6665740448
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By ddabrahim
#64849 @4ian
I was attempt to make a theme, but there is a few things that I'm struggling with.
For example, I can't figure out how to change the styling of the comments, groups, links and javascript event in the event sheet, also if I change the styling of the instances window it override the style for all themes. Also, I don't really like that when I change the styling of one thing the same styling applied on other things as well. For example I set the text color in the list then the same color apply on the notification panel background also if I set the color of the buttons in the object editor window it change the color of something else too that I didn't like and so on.

For the above reason probably I'm not going to be able make the theme look exactly as I want and finish it.
It is not complete and I don't think it worth including in GD in it current form so instead of making a pull request I leave it here for you and others to see what I got :P
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By Zat
#64877 Some 'Standard' enhancements that I think should be implemented...

There should be a List of last opened projects at startup
The tabs.... ( Start Page / Scene / Events ) should shift right when you open project manager
Project Manager, layers, instances should open below icon bar, so you can always see icon bar
The icons that open windows should be toggles, so a second click closes the window

The theme should be editable if possible so we can create our own colours
and I love the dark theme and think it should be the default!
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By 4ian
#64909 @ddabrahim

For the theme, the whole app is built on components (most of them are coming from, so the styling is done for all components. It's less flexible but allow for much quicker development - as most components are using standard building blocks that are the same and styled the same way. It's also better for the consistency of the whole interface :)

@Zat thanks for the suggestion. I consider adding a list of last opened projects later.

I've released beta 24 with a basic resources editor - allowing you to remove useless images. I'll improve it later (with automatic detection of unused resources for example).
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By ddabrahim
#64910 Thank you for the new version and the explanation. I'm going to look in to the Material UI components when I have time. Though, I need to agree with Zat on that it would be better to include a theme editor at least to change some of the base colors. That's the most I could do anyway ;)