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By kalel
#61083 License: Public domain you may use, redistribute, do anything (legal) you like with this. Attribution, while appreciated, is not necessary in any form what so ever.

How to use:
You will need to use another object for "smoke", using these images as animation frame (set it to loop in object image editor. Then make an event to position "smoke" to the same position as your object (+ - some number in x,y or move the origin point in object image editor if offset is wrong).

You can use image smoke 99-199 if you don't need the first "rise part" (in many cases, you won't need it. You can use this effect to add some smoke to your damaged or hot object.).

I think it may work best with object above the smoke, in the lower-center part, but feel free to experiment with gdevelop opacity and setup until you get the best effect.

Download link:!SsZiiTiB!vcQvuUkM9iiN ... VBKeCAgxIQ