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Object Handling

PostPosted: Wed 5 Dec 2018, 21:19
by Phenomena
I'm not sure if this should go under feature requests, bug reports, or general I'm putting it here because it's a mix.

Please make it so global objects have their own panel, separate from local objects. You can even use the same icon, just put a globe on it. And if an object is made global, replace the local version across scenes and keep the events. Right now, it creates duplicates (a global and local version) in different scenes, but when I go to remove the local version, not only are the events deleted, but the global object is as well.

Sometimes I just want to remake the object locally or remove unnecessarily duplicated objects, so it would be great if it were an option to delete events with objects instead of it being forced. There have been several times now that I've lost events because an object was made global accidentally. All it takes is to paste an object between 2 global objects for it to be made global, whether you want it to be or not. I think a separate panel may help prevent that.

Also, when clicking 'cancel' on the warning dialogue, GD has deleted the object and events anyway.

Some of these things may not be an issue for people that have been using GD for a long time and/or have game development experience, but when you're new to both the program and developing, you're going to make lots of mistakes and possibly go through numerous decision changes, you don't know all the tricks, and there is a learning curve in organizing your work-space. At the moment, the way objects are handled, it seems a little unforgiving. :\

With that said, the more I learn, the more I like GD and am glad to have found it!