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By mojoyup1528
4ian wrote:Thanks :)
A new update with a debugger, a brand new feature, is coming too!

I contribute to the wiki and will add more info as I go along learning and experimenting for you guys :)

Great! There are many pages that can be enhanced, please don't hesitate to do so.

1. When a line is deactivated then it remains "Deactivate" and not "Activate".
2. When a color has to be set, a color palette can not be used.
3. It would be good if the Add action and Add condition windows is movable so that it does not cover the program.

That would be indeed great to have these. I plan to do it later

Thanks :) and will do. Ill do as much to the wiki as I can as the time goes and keep it active for other users.
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By keule
#66223 Hey guys,

is it a known issue that barely any shortcuts work on G5, or is it a problem on my side?
Like anything from double clicking an object in the objects list to open the edit, to F2, or even ctrl mass selecting event lines.

By pppplus
#66634 I used last GD5 version from some days.

This version is difficult to use :
- copy and paste is impossible (event, or action)
- drag and drop + copy is impossible (only drag and drop)
- drag and drop impossible in action
- impossible to search occurence in code

Access to variables of a scene is not easy. Just right click on GD4.

Thanks for your work, it become easiest to do games.
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By ddabrahim
This version is difficult to use

To be honest I'm beginning to wonder maybe just maybe it would have been better to switch to a more modern C++ or C# game engine and more up to date libraries instead of focusing on HTML5.

HTML5 is great, I understand the benefits from a single developer point of view, for the most part it is very easy and fast to get results that works across all sort of devices but the more I use it the more I find it to be a pain to get anything to be as I want it to be and this is exactly what I see with this new editor too. It works, get the job done but there is a "but" let just say that....
I was also hoping by now GD5 going to have all the core features that made GD4 great and even including ones that we missed from GD4 so long :cry:

Anyway, I hope it is going to turn out to be something complete and finished by the end.
Would be nice if people contributing with great new and exciting features would be also helping with the core product. I mean if someone can integrate a paint tool in to GD then must be able to help with the core too. 4ian should encourage people to help with the core in the first place :|
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By ddabrahim
#66699 Piskel is my favourite (free) pixel art tool.
Looks great. Thanks!

Wondering though, would it be possible to make the theme match GD, at least the colors so in case I'm using the white/blue theme then Piskel would be using the same colors too?